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About Executive Consulting of America Inc

We are expert business consultants and as you can imagine with that title, we understand what it means to be an entrepreneur. We also know that you can’t do it all by yourself, and that’s okay!

With over 20 years of experience and a large casted net of valuable connections, our team has the knowledge, network, and skill set to help you accomplish your goals and learn new things along the way.

Running a business should be exciting and something you’re passionate about, not a burden. Let Executive Consulting of America, Inc take some of the weight off your shoulders so you can stay at the forefront of your business while knowing the rest is in good hands.

20+ years of combined experience

Worldclass Team of Consultants

Very High Success Rate

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide our clients with a comprehensive analysis of their business financial picture, company legal structure, and current business cycle, and save them money and time by producing proven quality consulting strategies that will effectively help them achieve their business objectives.

Meet the team

Sandra B Perez

Executive Associate

Michael Rivas

Business Consultant

Sandra B Perez

Executive Associate

Michael Rivas

Business Consultant

Jaime Marquez

Business Development Officer

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