A-1 Precision Builders

“Where all banks and lenders said NO to our lending request, we finally got a YES” – Quincy Carlisle

Customer Intro​

A-1 Precision Builders is a construction home building and renovating company with over 15 years of experience in developing and remodeling homes and commercial buildings.

Additionally, currently contracted to obtain home cleanup jobs with the City of Bakersfield, Kern County, and the State of California.


While this high level of home building and home renovation customization is what sets off A-1 Precision Builders, many of these job tasks require much capital to pay for all inventory and payroll upfront. At times it can take 30-60 days before the city or company requesting services would pay the invoices for all services performed. This leaves all costs of operations to be paid upfront and draining cash flow, while awaiting payments to come in ultimately affecting the business.

“We had attempted to get lending from many banks,” said A-1 Precision Builders owner Quincy Carlisle, “and with Pandemic on the rise and many job opportunities being cancelled due to COVID, we were losing options available to obtain funding to keep the business going.”


A-1 Precision learned about Executive Consulting of America, Inc through it’s owner and CEO Alex Silva whom he has known for over 10 years. “Alex has always been trustworthy and very nowledgeable in banking and finance,” stated Quincy and decided to get in touch with Alex.

Upon coming into a very welcoming office, Quincy was able to explain the whole circumstance to Alex and how his operations and financials the last 12-18 months where greatly affected due to the Pandemic/COVID. Where many banks were not giving Quincy the opportunity to explain his situations, at Executive Consulting of America, Inc they have a customizable approach that allows clients to fully explain their circumstance, obtain in-house underwriting valuations, and through many years of building banking relationships obtain a direct audience with lenders.

Business Consultants at Executive Consulting of America, Inc have worked for years with many business bankers, relationship managers, and underwriters from community banks, credit unions, and large federal brand-named banks. We have the relationships built that allow us to bypass receiving auto declines due to credit or income issues, and get our client’s lending request straight into the decision makers so we can thoroughly explain our client’s circumstances and how we can mitigate risks to get the banks to say Yes.

Once we thoroughly reviewed A-1 Precision Builders complete financial package and performed in-house underwriting, we understood that it wasn’t a credit or obtaining business matter in question, it was more of a cash flow management issue by having to pay for everything upfront and accounts receivables taking a long time to receive payouts for services performed.

We were able to partner with one of our government lending partners to obtain $150,000 in funding through the CDC/SBA where they allow the use of projection income solutions. This means once our clients received funding, how would business be over the next 24 months. This eliminated the concern of how our client was going to pay back the loan by creating a clear and concise business plan with annual incomes and expenses to alleviate the risk of paying back the loan. Additionally, by obtaining a bobcat, a new working truck, and working capital to alleviate the stress of paying for inventory and payroll upfront, this would immediately increase larger job opportunities that would not have been available prior to obtaining funding and ultimately increasing cash flow, and delivering the bottom line improved growth in net income profits.


Today, A-1 Precision Builders has more equipment to handle jobs that would normally require hiring other contracting companies to help with task jobs, cash flow has increased, and they are growing. In Quincy’s words, “The office is efficient and meticulous and straight to the point to get you what you need if they can or get you the information to put you on the right road but they will not waste your time and this is the reason why I like their service.”

If you are seeking for somebody to give you a chance at looking at your company or business model on how to get your business structured, financed, and setup with the right foundation for growth and sustainability, call us for a free consultation.

A-1 Precision Builders

Contractor & Construction Home Building/Renovating Services.


Quincy Carlisle


Government Funding Partner- We approved Quincy for $150,000 in funding to purchase a bobcat, heavy duty-truck, and working capital to keep his business operating and expanding.

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